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*This selection is for the Final Exam only. Access to the book, Forensic Evaluation of Juveniles (Second Edition), is required to complete the exam. If you already have access to the book, click the "Buy" button above to continue. To purchase the complete Online Course, which includes a PDF of the book, click here.

This program acquaints you with the necessary information and procedures for conducting evaluations of juveniles for the courts. The author, Thomas Grisso, is widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the juvenile justice system.

14 CE credits/hours, 140 questions 

Target Audience

Psychologists | School Psychologists | Marriage & Family Therapists | Mental Health Counselors | Social Workers

Learning Level


Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how to prepare for evaluations in delinquency cases.
  • Explain juveniles’ waiver of Miranda rights.
  • Describe the legal, theoretical, and contextual background for juveniles’ competence to stand trial evaluations.
  • Summarize the assessment of juveniles’ risk of harm to others.
  • Discuss how to present rehabilitation evaluations of juveniles.
  • Explain evaluations for juveniles’ waiver to criminal court.
  • Discuss professional and ethical forensic practice in juvenile cases.


  1. 1
    • Statement of Understanding (downloadable/printable)

  2. 2
    • "Forensic Evaluation of Juveniles (2nd ed.)" - Final Exam Questions (downloadable/printable)

    • Final Exam

  3. 3
    • Evaluation Questionnaire

About the Presenter

Thomas Grisso, PhD, ABPP

Thomas Grisso, PhD, ABPP, is Professor of Psychiatry, Director of Psychology, and Director of the Law-Psychiatry Program at University of Massachusetts Medical School.  For over 30 years, his professional work has aimed at improving courts’ decisions and mental health professionals’ evaluations in legal cases pertaining to juveniles and persons with mental disorders.  His contributions bridge research and practice.  His research studies of developmental factors related to youths’ interrogation and adjudication have influenced US Supreme Court decisions as well as basic policy and practice in our juvenile courts nationwide.  His dedication to forensic practice is reflected in his role as Executive Director of the American Board of Forensic Psychology.  Dr. Grisso’s work has been recognized by awards from the American Psychological Association (1995, Distinguished Contributions to Research in Public Policy), the American Psychiatric Association (2005, Isaac Ray Award), the Royal College of Psychiatrists (2006, honorary fellow), and the American Psychology-Law Society (2012, Distinguished Contribution to Psychology and Law).  Other books by Dr. Grisso addressing juvenile issues are Double Jeopardy: Adolescent Offenders with Mental Disorders (2004); Mental Health Screening and Assessment in Juvenile Justice (2005; coauthor, Guilford Press); Clinical Evaluations for Juveniles' Competence to Stand Trial: A Guide for Legal Professionals (2005; Professional Resource Press), and Evaluating Juveniles Adjudicative Competence: A Guide for Clinical Practice (2005; Professional Resource Press).